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Management Team

The success of any organization is contingent upon the quality of its people. Although small in size, MHT has assembled a number of experienced and talented individuals that have devoted themselves to the success of the project.

Carlo Gobbetti Founder
Mr. Gobbetti is the founder and champion of MHT. Prior to establishing these organizations, Mr. Gobbetti has had a distinguished career as both a businessman and entrepreneur in both the United States and Europe. A graduate of the University of Verona in 1983, he earned a scholarship and completed his Masters Degree at the University. He then joined Diaprint SPA, a family owned business where he was active in both technical/research as well as the sales aspect of the business. He is credited with patents related to the printing business, as well as being responsible for the establishment of regional printing businesses throughout Europe and South America. Thereafter, he became active in real estate, owning and managing properties in New York and Europe, until he founded MHT Optic Research AG Zurich in 1995. Mr. Gobbetti's vision has been the driving force of this project since its inception.

Markus Berner President
Mr. Berner is the research & technical force behind the development of SpectroShade. A graduate of the Winterthur Institute of Technology, Mr. Berner majored in Electrotechnics and Electronics and earned his bachelors degree in 1982. He continued his education at the Swiss Federation Institute of Technology in Zurich, receiving his Masters Degree in Electronics in 1986, and then spending two additional years (1987-1988) studying optics and Optic-Electronics at the Institute. Prior to joining MHT in 1995, Mr. Berner's professional experience included increasing levels of responsibility at GRETAG Regensdorf, a company specializing in Color Control Systems. He has also lectured on electronics at the Winterthur Institute.