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The following utilities and tools are available for download:

SpectroShade Mail Client Version 3.00 (Build 1012)

- SpMailer V3.00 (300 KB)

SpectroShade Sample Data

- Sample Data (7.5 MB)

Clean-up recycle bin

This program removes all items from the recycle bin in the SpectroShade database. Use this tool if you have a lot of items in your recycle bin and the SpectroShade program crashes when you are trying to open the recycle bin.

- Empty Recycle Bin (2 KB)

Reset SpectroShade Database

!!! Warning !!! For experienced users only !!! All data on your SpectroShade unit will be lost after executing this program on your SpectroShade system !!! This program can be used to delete all the data from your SpectroShade system and replace the database by an empty database.

Use this program as follows:

  1. Make a backup copy of the whole "C:\SpCam" directory and all its subdirectories!
  2. Download this tool to your SpectroShade
  3. Start this tool on your SpectroShade system

- Empty Database (60 KB)

Problems with shutting down your computer?

On some system the operating system (Microsoft Windows 98) does not shut down properly. This can be solved with the Windows update below. Download the program to your SpectroShade system and start the program "Shutdown Win98.EXE".

- Shutdown Win98.EXE (590 KB)